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Your Live App Debugger is Open-Source Now!

Sidekick is going Open-Source!
Ismail Egilmez
2 mins read

We hear the developer community and are open sourcing Sidekick🍻

Sidekick Open Source is here to allow self-hosting and make live debugging more accessible. It is built for everyone who needs extra information from their running applications.

Meet Tracey

A tracepoint is basically a non-breaking remote breakpoint. Tracepoints differ from ordinary breakpoints in two ways:

  • It doesn’t pause the code execution but just takes a screenshot of the variables when the code hits that line. 
  • It’s integrated with Thundra’s distributed technology enabling the connection between several tracepoints in the same transaction. 

Meet Loggy

Logpoints bring the power of dynamic logging to Sidekick users. Replacing traditional logging with dynamic logging has the potential to lower stage sizes, costs, and time for log searching while giving the ability to add new logpoints without editing the source code, redeploying or restarting the application.

Tracey ❤️ Loggy

Sidekick gives you the ability to collect traces and generate logs on-demand from your applications without stopping & redeploying and now it is open-source!

Please let us know about your valuable thoughts because they will guide us on our path to discovering the future of application observability. You can get in touch with us through Twitter, and join our Discord community.

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