Sidekick was born under the wings of Thundra and learned to fly in a year by itself. In January 2021, Sidekick was created by the Thundra team to respond to its customers asking for an easier way of debugging their apps on the cloud.

APM solutions didn’t help because developers needed a real-time solution. Logging solutions didn’t help because developers didn’t have much time and sometimes even experience to find the error route-cause. Existing remote debugging solutions didn’t help because developers didn’t want the application to stop running. Tracing solutions didn’t help because they bring overhead.

We listened to the developers, thought out of the box, and created Sidekick. It is revolutionary and seamless because it installs in seconds, it allows you to put non-breaking breakpoints, it takes snapshots of your system without adding any overhead, and it allows you to visually trace your distributed system at that specific error state! It does all of this in real-time even while the service is running without having to reproduce any issue in your local.

Board Members

Berkay Mollamustafaoglu
Chairman of The Board
Neeraj Agrawal
Board Member
Alex Benik
Board Member
Izzy Azeri
Board Member
Tim Daniels
Board Member

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