Dynamic Logging

Easily add logs to your running applications and feed the results to any target you want.

Generate logs on-demand
without stopping & redeploying your applications

Limit the number of logs you generate and save logging costs
Decide where you send your logs on the go
Collect logs on-demand only when you need them
Debug monoliths or microservices on Kubernetes, Docker, VMs, or Local
See how your apps work using real-time data

Put Logpoint

Add logpoints on-demand and don't do the heavylifting. You can add logs to your production apps without redeploying or restarting.

See Logs

Collect logs from the logpoints dynamically. Don't get lost in huge log piles but just collect logs on demand.

Edit Logs

Collect logs conditionally, dynamically change log levels, write logs to stdout, or send them to any target

Sidekick Recipes

Sidekick comes with many different features it is not limited to the ones we offer. You can see the released recipes below.

Get Started With Sidekick

Collect traces and generate logs on-demand without stopping & redeploying your applications.