Sidekick Solution Brief

Production environment doesn't have to be wild and full of unknowns. Discover live debugging with Sidekick - debug and trace applications without stopping the execution.

"Sidekick takes debugging a step further by pinpointing issues at a glance."

Sidekick is one of the great ways to solve observability issues in our microservice applications. It's like putting a tracer bullet in our codebase which helps us to pinpoint parts of the infrastructure that can be improved or is failing. Now, with the help of non-intrusive tracepoints, Sidekick is taking debugging a step further by almost pinpointing issues at a glance.

Dhaval Pancholi, Head of Applications at Crunch Media Works

"Sidekick’s footprint is negligible"

The ability to do on-demand and non-stopping tracepoints at the production is amazing. The bonus part is that its performance impact is minimal. You may never know where you might need to deep dive, so Sidekick's flexibility makes it immensely useful.

Mustafa Akın, Co-founder at Resmo

"We can detect error route causes before they impact our customers."

Sidekick allows us to instantly debug any issue in our microservice architectures. As we also monitor them with Thundra APM, Sidekick gives us the power of detailed tracing functionality and the ability to detect error route causes before they impact our customers.

Elmer van den Heuvel, CTO at Soulpicks

"Debugging is now done 10x faster"

Sidekick helped JustFulfil developers revolutionize their development cycles dramatically. Debugging is now done 10x faster and the development cycle times improved drastically. Developers prevent production issues easily with Sidekick now.

Ersel Aker, Co-Founder & CTO at JustFulfil

"With Sidekick, we identify and solve issues even before they happen."

With easy set-up in minutes, Sidekick lets us quickly dig deep into our data pipeline. We identify and solve issues even before they happen, thanks to the distributed tracing technology provided by Sidekick.

Arda Tasci, MQX - Technology Manager at Arcelik