Sidekick Solution Brief

Production environment doesn't have to be wild and full of unknowns. Discover live debugging with Sidekick - debug and trace applications without stopping the execution.

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Debugging cloud applications is not easy! APM solutions are great but not enough. Logging is great but finding your way in huge log piles can take forever. Existing remote debugging solutions can stop your applications in production. Tracing solutions don’t help because they bring overhead.

We represent Sidekick, a modern live remote debugger. Sidekick is a live debugging tool for microservices that helps development teams to understand their code instantly by getting snapshots of their running applications running on the cloud or on-premises. It provides observability with full tracking and tracing across the most complex environments with containerized microservices.

What You'll Learn
  • Get real-time debugging data without restarting or redeploying anything
  • Do root cause analysis with tracing integration
  • Apply logging on demand
  • Filter collected debugging data with conditionals